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Current Production

Current Production

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

The Story Setting

Theme: Adam becomes head of the home for his 6 younger brothers at the age of 14. He fights to keep the farm running, a roof over their heads, and food on the table, but deep down knows something is missing. Will he dare to love and find life beyond just survival on the farm?

Adam’s Story

Adam, now 33, is a tall and attractive hunk of a man who runs the family farm and hunts to put meat on the table. He is a strong, vigorous, work driven, and is confident in his ability. He has a charming way about him when it’s allowed to come out, something he learned from watching his father with his mother.
Adam was 14 when his father passed away and 16 when his mother passed, leaving him solely in charge of his 6 younger brothers and their family farm in the mountains. Life on the farm was hard and difficult with only a few visits into town per year for supplies, between trapping, hunting, planting, harvesting, repairing, and maintaining the farm. With only the basic rough cut tools and his bare hands, Adam worked from sunrise to sundown. Adam learned that to survive he was going to have to be strong and tough and do what needed to be done no matter what and he demanded the same from his brothers. At an early age Adam learned that he had to fight for his brother’s respect and make them follow his lead if they were going to keep things running. They managed to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, but Adam started realizing there was something missing from his life. He missed the loving touch of their mother, which he remembered more than the others, though he found it harder and harder to recall. It did seem that his Ma and Pa had been able to keep up on things better together and the home didn’t look like the pigsty then as it did now. So, Adam decided it was time to get himself a wife. She would be the missing part to keeping up the farm. Adam knew that for a woman to live on the farm she would need to be tough and strong and be able to do the hard work required so she wouldn’t suffer the same fate as his mother.

Adam was so use to ordering his brothers around that when it came to thoughts of a wife, he thought she would fall right in line and do as she was told. What it meant to have a relationship built on love and commitment was a foreign concept to him. Will Adam be able to overcome the pain and difficulty of his past? Can he dare to open himself up to love and a life greater than just survival on the farm? Come watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to find out.

Milly’s Story

Milly Bradon, currently 28, is a beautiful, feisty, and determined woman who has a vibrant sense of humor. Her father, a hard working but gentle man, decided to move his family to the soon to be state of Oregon in 1858 to take advantage of its growing industries and to make a better life for his family. Her father’s daughter, Milly got her hard working, never give up attitude from him along with his sense of humor. Her looks she got from her mother. Tragedy stuck hard when they got caught in a winter storm just a few short weeks away from their destination claiming her father’s life and shortly after her mother succumbed to the elements and grief.

Milly finished the trail arriving in Oregon City where she was faced with a new set of struggles. She soon found a way to put a roof over her head working for Mr Sander’s at his restaurant cooking, cleaning, milking, chopping wood, and such from sunrise to sunset. She soon discovered there were 10 men to every woman in the west and had to ward off unwanted attention from the many lonely men grabbing for her attention. The example of a loving relationship her parents left behind made Milly long for more.

Rolling up her sleeves, Milly faced the struggles head on determined to not let it get her down. She connected with the local church and soon made friends with several other young ladies in the community, including Ruth Sander. She found it easy to make friends and was respected in the community.

One day, a handsome stranger came into the restaurant and upon seeing a man grab at her, threw him out on his ear. Milly found herself attracted to this burley mountain man who immediately set himself apart from the countless other men she had met in Oregon City. She is taken by surprise while out getting more firewood when Adam introduces himself and in his charming and direct way proposes. She sees goodness in his eyes just as she did with her father and is enticed by the prospect of a better life by the side of a good man. And let’s face it, just one man to cook and care for sounded so much better than life at the restaurant. Will Milly find the love and respect she longs for with Adam?

The Cast


Adam: Ben Edwards
Milly: Ella Greene


Benjamin: Timothy Romero
Caleb: Cody Wright
Daniel: Connor Brown
Ephraim: Zebedee Anderson
Frank: Jacob Lynde
Gideon: David Schmidt


Dorcas Hoallum: Brynlee Morrison
Ruth Sanders: Darla Schenk
Liza: Arreanna Polk
Martha: Zymri Anderson
Sarah Kines: Mairen Ogle
Alice Alcott: Darcy Schmieder


Nathan – Lawyer: Max Madigan
Luke – General Store: Darren Goheen
Matt – Blacksmith: Julias Pratt
Joel – Blacksmith: Japheth Doane
Zeke: Carpenter: Brandon Abbott
Jeb – a carpenter: Enoch Doane


MR HOALLUM – general store owner & Mayor – Chris Greene
MRS HOALLUM – Priscilla Anderson
MR SANDER – Restaurant owner – James Southwick
MRS SANDER – Julie Lehnhardt
MRS BIXBY – Shana Ogle
Calvin McMurray, Zaruba Anderson, Tracy Daniel,
Owen Tribbett, Jemma Cogliser, Elijiah Doane, Kaysha Doane